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Madjax Support Voltage Reducers & Converters FAQs

Q: I am installing my Madjax 13-030 converter and when I connect the yellow wire to the main positive, I am getting a large spark.

A: The spark is common. You should disconnect the pig tail from the converter and connect it to the battery terminals then reconnect pigtail to converter. You will still get the spark but it will be contained in the connector instead of at the battery.

Q: I have installed my 13-030 converter and am only getting 9-10 volts form the red accessory wire.

A: Make sure your accessories are grounded back to the main negative of the battery pack.

Q: I connected my Madjax 16/12V converter and am still getting 16 volts.

A: That converter is designed to not reduce the power until it has a draw. So it will show full voltage until you turn on one or more of the accessories connected to it.

Madjax Support Meters FAQs

Q: I just connected my volt meter and it shows only half charge but the battery pack has a full charge.

A: The meter needs to sync with your battery pack. Drive the cart for 20 minutes or so and then charge. The meter should then read correctly.