What Year Is Your Club Car Golf Cart?

What Year Is Your Club Car Golf Cart?

Apr 08, 2021

Golf cars have been around for decades and with proper maintenance, they can be quite long lasting. That means that if you own a used golf cart, it will take a bit of research to pin down when, exactly, your model was made. Whether you’re purchasing a used golf car, performing repairs, or making modifications, it’s essential to know its model and year. What year is your Club Car golf cart? Use this handy guide to help you find out.

Find Your Vehicle’s Serial Number

The first step to determining the year of your Club Car golf car is locating its serial number. This serial number can be located in a few different places depending on the model and year of your cart.

  • You can find the serial number of a car made prior to 1981 by opening its seat and finding the frame closest to the batteries on the driver’s side. These models can also be identified by their two brake pedals and one acceleration pedal.
  • DS Club Models, made in 1981 or later, will have a serial number beneath the glove box on the passenger side of the car.
  • Precedent Club Cars, made in 2004 or later, will have a serial number either beneath or inside the glove box on the passenger side of the car.

Reading the Serial Number

Once you locate the serial number of your vehicle, you’ll need to know how to read it. The first two letters indicate the model of your Club Car. The four digits following these letters indicate the year and specific week your Club Car was manufactured. So, for example, a serial number whose first part reads “PG0901” is a Precedent Gas model (PG) manufactured in 2009 (09) in the first week of production that year (01). In most situations, the week of manufacture is unimportant, but the model and year of manufacture are relevant in situations such as buying replacement parts.

Now that you know how to determine what year your Club Car golf cart is, you’ll be able to perform repairs and upgrades successfully and safely. When purchasing club cart body kits or any other parts for your golf car, be sure to check the kit or part is compatible with your golf car’s model and year. If you need any help identifying the right part for your vehicle, contact us and we’ll help you find the part.