What To Look for in Golf Cart Rear Seats

What To Look for in Golf Cart Rear Seats

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on December 20th 2021

Every golf car enthusiast knows that you need to have the right amenities to remain safe and have the most functional golf car. Here’s a guide on what to look for in golf cart rear seats.


The first thing to make a note of is safety. If your seats don’t have the correct functionality to make all passengers safe, you won’t have a usable golf car. When shopping, look for a golf cart rear seat kit that meets your needs and expectations.

When receiving your rear seats, ensure they meet these specific safety requirements.

  • Easy installation process
  • They come with seat belts
  • There’s a grab bar
  • They have ide panels to avoid slippage or falls
  • Passengers know how to use them

When safety is a concern, you want to ensure all parts can function correctly and that passengers can use each piece responsibly.

Easy Installation Process

Many rear seats are easy to install as long as you have the proper tools. Even with the right tools, many people may not know whether the seats are installed properly. To avoid mistakes, contact a professional who can help with the installation.

Seat Belts

Like a typical automobile, each row of seats in a golf car needs seat belts.

Seat belts aren’t only mandatory to meet laws and become street legal, but they also prevent injuries in the event of an accident.

A Grab Bar

A grab bar helps improve safety tremendously, especially for children and those with mobility issues. When you mount the grab bar, make sure that it is stable and will move.

If it moves, you risk falling off and the passengers going with the bar. To help prevent falls and gravity from pulling passengers off, ensure you have a grab bar installed with your seats.

Side Panels

There’s a chance you do a ton of off-roading with friends and family. Having rear seats with side panels can prevent accidental falls from the sides of the golf car, especially for children.

When you’re browsing golf car seats, ensure the ones you buy come with mountable armrests that have panels blocking hands from getting underneath bars and hanging out of the vehicle.

Protection and Behavior of Passengers

For the most part, you don’t want to overload the golf car with too many people because the point of rear seats is to fit enough people that you can drive around with no issues.

To protect your friends and family, only allow riders that know how to enter and leave the golf car safely.

Every new and experienced golf car driver deserves to know what to look for in golf cart rear seats, especially if they plan to purchase a rear seat kit later. As you continue to shop for the right rear seats, don’t forget to keep safety at the forefront of all decisions.