Top Ways To Make Your Golf Cart Stand Out

Top Ways To Make Your Golf Cart Stand Out

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on September 29th 2021

Golf cars are becoming more and more commonplace with each passing year. While you used to only be able to find them out on the course, they’re now out and about almost everywhere. Once this started happening, people also started wanting to supe their cars up and make them more personal. If this sounds like something that’s of interest to you, check out these top ways to make your golf cart stand out.


The ultimate addition for any golf car is a cooler. These are perfect for when you are hanging out with your pals and have the chance to play a round of golf in the sweltering heat. Enjoying a refreshing drink with your friends on the golf course is just as much a part of being a good sport and good friend as it is playing the game itself! It is important to choose the ideal cooler setup, as there are a plethora of possibilities. Specialized coolers can fit in every small area your golf car has, even if that space is limited. You may even attach one to the car or use a hitch to attach one to the back.


Street tires are standard on golf cars. This means they bear an eight-inch golf tire that's ideal for driving on hard terrain like asphalt. These tires are known for being smaller and using little power. In addition, they are limited in terms of versatility. Because of their deeper tread, bigger tires allow you to tackle harder terrain, giving you a greater number of possibilities for your route. Besides giving you a bolder image on the course, these massive tires also look much cooler than ordinary tires. This simple enhancement could really set your car apart from your fellow golfers.

Light Kit

A golf cart light kit not only offers the advantage of additional visibility but it also adds even more practicality. Seeing the road at night and having a good look at any obstacles in your way is quite useful. But what really matters is making sure that other people can see you. LEDs are known for being both long-lasting and bright, so consider using them if you want a more durable and brilliant light. They'll make your golf car stand out. A great light kit is undoubtedly one of the top ways to make your golf cart stand out.