Top 4 Ways To Make Your Golf Cart Faster

Top 4 Ways To Make Your Golf Cart Faster

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on March 14th 2022

It’s essential to stay safe in your golf cart, but what are the best and most legal ways to make your golf cart faster? To start, the many modifications you’d need to make your buggy deliver its best performance must be legal enough that your road privileges don’t get banned when driving on the street.

Bigger Wheels

The saying goes that bigger items on a car are better. However, many don’t get that golf cars perform better with superior golf cart wheels.

When you enhance your tires, you shouldn’t expect the rotational output to change the speed; it all has to do with the terrain you ride along.

When you need a boost on certain surfacing, upgrading your wheels is the best way to go.

Change Up the Gear Ratio

If it’s not the tire, it’s the gear ratio. Your gear ratio is set to a default score that limits the speed of your caddy. However, you can amp it up even more to really get your cart going across the road.

Since the standard is 12:5:1 for gears, you can decrease this percentage by simply rotating the tires, thus increasing the speed. For instance, going down to 6:1 accelerates the vehicle an extra 14 miles per hour.

Replace the Motor

Changing the motor is the other thing to do if you want to make your buggy go a little quicker. Right before changing the engine out to go an additional 7 miles, ensure that your car follows all state regulations, especially if you’re traveling with the caddy.

Enhance RPMs

The RPMs the number of revolutions per minute, which, in common terms, is the measurement of the speed of your vehicle. The RPM’s standard for a golf cart is between 225 to 275.

Typically, the golf cart can overheat if it goes over the standard, which is why you need to adjust this issue.

For a gas-powered cart, you want to focus on the governor, which tells you the top speed of your motor—this means the governor shows the maximum speed. You could also adjust your own RPMs in a new engine if you desire to go that route.

As for electric trolleys, you want to focus on voltage. One thing to remember is that the voltage is typically lowered in standard motors to meet state requirements. However, it can be adjusted just as long as you follow all state laws and regulations.

Finding out new ways to increase the speed of a golf cart can improve the overall performance of your trolley. Don’t forget to follow all state laws before making your changes.

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