Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Golf Cart’s Headlights

Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Golf Cart’s Headlights

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on Aug 12, 2021

Functioning headlights are essential to a golf cart’s versatility. When the sun begins to set, even though you’re not ready to end your day, flipping on those lights keeps the fun going. But when your headlights don’t light the path ahead of you anymore, you may need to replace them. TNT Cart Parts is on your side with a few helpful things to consider before replacing your golf cart’s headlights.

Intended Use

What are you using your cart for? Golf carts are street legal in many areas. If you do drive your cart on the road, you’ll need turn signals, brake lights, and other indicators before you use it. Think about your surroundings, too. If you’re moving through darker wooded areas, install bright LED lights to ensure that you can see ahead of you.

Bulb Blowout

What problem are you currently experiencing with your cart’s headlights? If you’re constantly shelling out money for new bulbs because they keep blowing out, check your wiring! An incomplete electrical circuit can cause blowouts. Make sure you connect your lights to the battery and try them again.

Current Setup

When you shop for a club cart light kit at TNT Cart Parts, think about what you have on your cart now. Will you have to make any adjustments to the cart to fit in the new lights? Look for a light kit that’s compatible with your cart’s make and model to make installation easier.

Battery Power

Before you replace your headlights completely, check the battery. It may be on its last legs and unable to send sufficient power to the lights. Check to see if it’s fully charged and functional. If you’ve had the same battery for a while and notice other accessories fizzling out, replace that battery. If your headlights are still weak with a new battery, start shopping for a different club cart light kit.

Before replacing your cart’s headlights, you should give it a once-over to confirm that you need new ones. Even if you’re changing them for aesthetic reasons, think about function first. These things to consider before replacing your golf cart’s headlights provide food for thought as you decide.