The Most Underrated Golf Cart Accessories

The Most Underrated Golf Cart Accessories

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on December 3rd 2021

You can find some of the most underrated golf cart accessories on this list. Whether you’re planning to purchase your golf car and need accessories, or you’re buying an item for the golf car enthusiast in your life, you likely need a list of attachments. Here are some golf car parts you typically won’t find on a popular golf car accessory list.

Air Conditioning

While you may not think about it, an air conditioner can help keep warm days cool. Even if your golf car isn’t enclosed, an air conditioner will give your passengers a better way to stay cool without having to bring a portable fan with them or stop somewhere to take a break.


You can always place your golf car in storage, but it’s better to have a trailer. Another of the most underrated golf cart accessories, a trailer helps store the golf car in the winter and makes traveling easier. So, if you travel frequently, a golf car trailer can help make the packing straightforward, and you won’t need to worry about forgetting the golf car at home.

Charge Meter

If you can’t tell how much power you have left in your golf car, you won’t have much use for driving it. To help convey how much charge is left, get a charge meter. The charge meter keeps track of how much power the vehicle uses and how much juice you have left.

Armrests With Cupholders

Every golf car deserves a space to let a passenger or driver rest their arms and drink. So, the subsequent accessory to add is an armrest with a cupholder. It’s simple to install, and the armrest can help the driver keep both hands on the road.

Golf Car Roof Rack

If camping is in the future next year, having better ways to store your items can help make traveling from the car to your campsite easy. It’s better to have more storage than not enough, especially if you go off-roading often. The finest roof racks come in heavy-duty steel and are a decent size that fits snuggly on top of your golf car.

Sprucing up a golf car doesn’t require much work or money, especially if you only ride the golf car when you go camping or when driving through your neighborhood. When choosing the best accessories to get for a golf car, create a list of what you want (and remember to include all the Madjax golf cart accessories you’ve had your eye on for a while).

Every golf car owner deserves to ride in style, so spoil yourself and trick out your golf car with the most unique golf car accessories.