Simple Upgrades To Boost Your Golf Cart Speed

Simple Upgrades To Boost Your Golf Cart Speed

February 19th 2021

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of racing along in a golf car at top speed. Most golf carts, however, aren’t terribly fast, reaching speeds of only 10-25 mph. If you feel your golf car just isn’t fast enough for you, what are you going to do? Try one of these simple upgrades to boost your golf cart speed.

Change the Gear Ratio

All golf cars come set to a standard gear ratio—but what most people don’t realize is that this ratio can be modified to give the vehicle more speed. The standard ratio of a golf car is 12:5:1, meaning that for 12.5 revolutions of your car’s input shaft, its wheels make one revolution. Decreasing the car’s gear ratio to 6:1 can increase its speed by at least 10 mph. This upgrade will also decrease your car’s torque, so if you’ll be using your golf car on rough terrain it may not be the best option.

Increase RPM

Another way to increase your golf car’s speed is by increasing its RPM. The method for doing so will differ depending on whether you have a gas or electrical golf car model, but the basic idea is that with the increased RPM of your car’s input shaft, you’ll have increased speed.

Replace Your Tires

Replacing your golf car’s tires is one of the simplest ways to boost your vehicle’s speed. Adding larger tires to your golf car will not change the power output of your vehicle, but it will increase the surface area your car can cover in a given amount of time. Being able to cover more distance in the same amount of time will increase the speed of your golf car anywhere from 2-4 mph. Just keep in mind that if you choose particularly large tires, you may need to install a lift kit as well.

Install a New Motor

If none of these other modifications will work for you, consider installing an entirely new motor that’s designed for speed in your golf car. Be aware that when you usually install such a motor, you’ll be sacrificing some of the car’s torque, so consider how you’ll use your golf car before making this modification.

When you’re making any of these simple upgrades to boost your golf cart speed, be sure to stay safe. Most golf cars aren’t intended to be driven above about 25 mph, and falling out of a golf car traveling above this speed can be dangerous. Be smart, check your local laws, and if you need any accessories to enhance your golf car’s performance, be sure to check out our collection of Madjax golf cart accessories.