Picking the Right Wheel and Tire Combination for Your Golf Cart

Picking the Right Wheel and Tire Combination for Your Golf Cart

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on Jul 27, 2021

Depending on your wants and needs, TNT Cart Parts is here to provide inspiration for your custom cart. Wheel and tire combinations come in a variety of sizes, usually 8’’, 10’’, 12’’, and 14’’. You can pick from myriad colors and styles depending on your tastes. How do you know what combo you need? Follow this handy guide for picking the right wheel and tire combination for your golf cart.


First off, think practically. Choose a wheel size that accommodates your tires, not only in size, but in style. If you regularly take your golf cart on rugged and uneven terrain, think about using a lift kit to raise your wheel-and-tire combo further off the ground.

Next, think about style. Unique wheels have become more common in the golf cart world as a way to add a little flair to your cart. Go for a shiny chrome finish or customize it with your favorite colors. When you choose custom golf cart wheels and tires, you add fun and individuality to your cart.


Many replacement golf cart tires on the market are much better than the ones your cart came with. Keep a close eye on your current tires; check the wear regularly and ensure that the treads aren’t worn out before you drive it.

Depending on the terrain you’re looking to conquer, different tread styles will do different things for you. Directional tires are the most common, as their tread pattern works to move the cart in a forward manner. Sand tires have more of a paddle-like tread, optimized for maximum traction on a slip-and-slide surface like a sand dune.

Where are you driving your cart? Choose your wheel and tire combo accordingly. If you’re the off-roading type, a lifted wheel-and-tire combo will be your best friend. Choose high-profile lifted tires to keep the underside of your cart safe from uneven terrain.

The Combo

Make sure your wheels and tires fit snugly together and that they’re performing optimally for your tastes. Whether you’re investing in a lift kit or a low-profile combo, make sure both components are working together. Pair brand-new tires in your favorite tread pattern with a set of wheels that reflects your style, and you’ll be proud to take your cart on its next adventure.

Now that you’ve got some expertise on picking the right wheel and tire combination, choose one that’s perfect for you!