How To Wire Golf Cart Lights

How To Wire Golf Cart Lights

Feb 09, 2021

If you want to drive your golf car on the street, in low light, or at night, you need lights. Most golf carts don’t come with lights, so you’ll need to install lights. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard—here’s how to wire golf cart lights to your vehicle.

Step 1

Locate your golf car’s battery and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. If the car has multiple batteries, disconnect all negative terminals.

Step 2

Mount the headlights as high as possible on the golf cart using the mounting brackets. It’s best to mount the headlights either on the front bumper or rollbar on the top of your vehicle.

Step 3

Determine where you’ll mount the toggle switch for the lights. Most people mount the toggle switch on the left side of the dashboard for easy access, but it’s possible to mount it elsewhere if a different location works better for you. Drill a ½-inch hole to mount the switch.

Step 4

Take one lead of the inline fuse holder and connect it to the positive battery terminal using a solderless ring terminal.

Step 5

Use a butt connector to attach the other lead of the inline fuse holder to the center terminal of the toggle switch. You’ll need to use a female spade terminal to connect the lead to the switch.

Step 6

Use a 16-gauge wire to connect the second terminal of the toggle switch to the headlights. Connect the wire and the headlights using solderless butt connectors.

Step 7

Secure all wiring to the golf car using nylon wire ties. Cover all points of connection with electrical tape.

Step 8

Mount the toggle switch in the previously drilled hole and make sure it is secure. Then, reconnect the negative terminals to the battery. Ensure that each is in its original position if your golf car has multiple batteries.

Step 9

Test your lights by flipping the toggle switch back and forth. If your lights work, you’ve successfully set them up. If not, check your work again to identify the issue.

Learning how to wire golf cart lights won’t do you any good if you don’t have lights to connect—TNT Cart Parts can supply you with golf cart light kits and other golf car parts to accessorize your vehicle.