How To Prepare Your Golf Cart for Spring

How To Prepare Your Golf Cart for Spring

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on February 10th 2022

Driving around in the winter isn’t the greatest, and with the golf cart in storage, now’s a good time to learn how to prepare your golf cart for spring. From changing out the body to cleaning your batteries, every step helps in ensuring your golf cart doesn’t suffer from any problems during the warmer seasons.

Clean Your Cart

Your golf cart’s seen better moments, and they were all from last year. Now that a new driving season’s approaching, it’s time to roll the cart out of the storage garage and clean it up.

While cleaning, make sure to dust off the inside of the golf cart, just so it doesn’t run into issues with the batteries.

And, if you have cleaning supplies, it’s okay to clean your batteries; the only thing to be aware of are your electronic parts.

Check Your Tires

After you clean your cart, check your tires. If they happen to sag or cause the vehicle to appear slightly crooked, you likely need to check the air pressure. Then, test again to ensure that the tires are at the right levels for operation.

Maintain Your Brakes

Even after maintaining the tires, you’ll need to look over your brakes. To do that, check the brake pedal. If it feels like a lot of pressure has built up, then it’s time to swap them out for some new brakes.

Inspect the Batteries

The vital part of the golf cart is the batteries, as you need them to drive around. The thing to do is open your top and clean the batteries thoroughly with a rag and water and baking soda mix.

Use the rag, gently dab it into the mixture, and lightly wipe the battery down. Afterward, you can test drive to see if the batteries need a total replacement. The best way to test is to move it near a mechanic specializing in golf carts.

If the golf cart doesn’t start, moves slow when starting up, or doesn’t react to jumper cables, have your mechanic replace your battery.

Spoil Your Buggy

The last thing you want to do is spoil your golf cart. Start the season off with a brand new golf cart wheel tire combo to get you roaming the off-roading courses in style and along smoother pavements. Having some new gadgets accentuates every part of the cart.

You can’t go wrong with knowing the right ways to prepare your golf cart for spring. As you get your golf cart ready, explore more of what TNT Cart Parts has to offer for your golf cart. We have you covered with the essentials, from a new wheel tire combo to extending the cart for more space.