How to Care for Your Golf Cart During the Summer

How to Care for Your Golf Cart During the Summer

Jun 25, 2021

Much like any other car you own, a golf cart requires seasonal maintenance. Consider the weather on days when you take it out, and keep your eyes and ears open for any unusual sights or sounds as you drive. Learning how to care for your golf cart during the summer will keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Proper Battery Care

Charge up your golf cart’s battery after every time you drive. Check the fluid levels once a month (after safely unplugging the battery from the charger) and keep the water levels between ¼ and ½-inch. If your area is having a particularly hot summer, check the fluid levels twice a month in case water has evaporated. If you notice corrosion or any debris on the battery, clean it thoroughly with a mixture of water and baking soda.

Tire Pressure

Always keep your tires inflated to the factory-recommended level and check your tire pressure often. When the pressure is too low, tires will sag and create excess friction; when pressure is too high, you lose traction and can easily lose control of the cart.

Regular Maintenance

Before you take your golf cart out for the first time this summer, have a mechanic give it a once-over. While you’re checking the tires and the battery, test out the brakes and change the oil, too. If you need replacement parts, or if you’re looking to customize your golf cart this summer, check out TNT Cart Parts’ wide selection of aftermarket golf cart accessories. Whether you need new wheels or brush guards for off-roading, TNT has you covered.

Sun Protection

To keep the paint job on your golf cart looking fresh, wash and wax it regularly. The layer of wax works as a sort of sunblock to keep the paint from fading or shriveling. Park it in the shade or in a garage if you can.

Your golf cart could be the key to the summer of a lifetime. To extend its life span, remember these easy pointers on how to care for your golf cart during the summer. You’ll be making memories in your cart all season long. Make sure it’ll run smoothly for years to come!