How To Add Water to Your Golf Cart Batteries Correctly

How To Add Water to Your Golf Cart Batteries Correctly

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on November 8th 2021

If you don’t water your golf car batteries, you risk it having issues and becoming inoperable. As you learn how to maintain your golf car, please take a close look at our guide to learn how to add water to your golf cart batteries correctly.

Understand the Proper Water Levels

A crucial step in learning how to add water to your golf cart batteries correctly is understanding the proper water levels. When learning the importance of the quantity, you realize how much water needs to go in the battery and what type of water you should use.

Distilled water is the best type of water to use for your golf car batteries. Since distilled water is purified, the car batteries remain protected from harmful minerals and contaminants.

In addition to knowing to use distilled water, you’ll also need to know how much water to place into the batteries. For starters, it depends on how often you inspect your batteries. In addition, many consider putting enough water in to cover the battery plates. By doing this, you minimize acid buildup.

However, others prefer to cover only half an inch over the plates. When there’s only half an inch of water over the plates, the battery won’t need watering often. However, you do run the risk of acid buildup on the batteries.

Schedule Your Watering Times

If we could compare watering our batteries to anything, we could compare to gardening. When we’re working on gardens, we wait for rainwater to dry before watering the plants to avoid damaging and overwatering plants. It’s the same thing with watering batteries.

Unfortunately, you can’t water your golf car batteries randomly because you risk damaging your golf car. So when scheduling watering times, the first step is completing a monthly check of battery water levels.

Once the battery levels are low, you can add water, but you can add water once your golf car’s charged. If it’s not fully charged, your batteries can spill acid. After waiting for the charge to complete, ensure that you pour the water in slowly to help fill the gauge level.

How To Water Your Golf Car’s Batteries

The first step to watering the golf car batteries is to open the battery’s top carefully. Then, place a ruler on the plates to check for water level.

Once you’ve determined the level, slowly pour distilled water into the cell and gauge the rising water level. Once the water has reached a good height, stop pouring and reattach the cover. Once reattached, wait a few minutes before starting the car up. The watered batteries are good to use for up to two months.

As you learn the importance of watering your golf car batteries, ensure all is well with your golf car by purchasing Madjax golf cart parts from TNT Cart Parts. Then, as you make improvements, focus on the mechanical side to improve performance.