How Are Golf Cart Light Bars Different From Headlights?

How Are Golf Cart Light Bars Different From Headlights?

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on November 19th 2021

There’s a big difference between light bars and headlights on golf cars. However, the biggest difference would be the stream of light that’s cast from both. Headlights have a shorter stream of light; light bars produce high beams. Aside from this, how are golf cart light bars different from headlights?

The Difference Between Light Bars and Headlights

Headlights (known as halogen) and LED light bars are two of the hardest options to select. However, to answer your question, how are golf cart light bars different from headlights? First, we need to look at the benefits and cons and then determine which one’s the best buy for you.

The first thing to clear up is that both lights are different, and here’s why. A headlight, or halogen light, shines bright through the car batteries heating the tungsten filament, which creates the glow after it’s heated up.

An LED light bar is a little more complex, as the light casts differently. In addition, it releases differently through the holed architecture on the light bar, which produces a negative charge. So, let’s find out why you’d want the halogen lights over LED lights.

Benefits of Halogens

The halogen comes with two benefits: versatility and affordability. Despite these benefits, they’re being made less due to vast improvements in lighting options. That’s where affordability comes in. Halogens can dim in the same way LED lights can. They also don’t need to be installed separately.

The Cons of Halogens

Halogen lights die fast because of accumulating much heat from the battery. The other con is that it wastes energy. In other words, the lifespan of five halogens is equal to one LED light lifespan, which creates a waste of energy.

For example, since the batteries use more energy to create light, the burning from the filament causes the battery to drain faster and not enough time to use the golf car.

Benefits of LED Lights

The LED light bar comes with three benefits: efficiency, improved lifespan, and increased brighter. With the lifespan, you can see the improvement in your battery life and save more on replacing the accessories. As for the brightness, since they’re vivid, you have the option to dim the lights.

The Cons of LED Lights

One con to consider: they’re not legal everywhere you go. The unfortunate part is that LED light bars are illegal since most models don’t meet the guidelines of DOT. However, there’s an exception: as long as the light bars remain below your headlights, you should be fine.

The next thing to do is consider the best option for your golf car. No matter the choice you make, the best club cart light kit will help improve the battery life of your golf car and save you money. With TNT Cart Parts, your golf cart is better and improves its performance.