Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Golf Cart

Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Golf Cart

Mar 03, 2021

Golf cars are fun, versatile vehicles to drive. But over time, you may begin to feel that your golf car is too boring, too similar to other golf cars, or no longer fits your needs. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to upgrade your golf cart to improve its function and make it seem like a whole new vehicle.

Increase Its Speed

Do you love your golf car but find yourself wishing it could go a little faster? There are several ways to easily increase your golf car’s speed. If you have an electric golf car, you can trade out your car’s current battery for one with a higher voltage. You can also install a motor designed for speed, adjust the car’s gear ratio, or simply use larger tires. With these upgrades, your golf car, which you once could not fathom going faster than 15 mph, will be racing along the path with ease! Just remember that it is unsafe (and sometimes illegal) to drive a golf car over 25 mph.

Change Your Tires

Most golf cars come with 8” street tires that are designed for use on the paved surfaces of streets and sidewalks. These tires are suitable if you’ll only be driving on those surfaces but won’t be as good for driving on rough, unpaved terrain. If you drive your car on gravel paths or use it for activities that require you to drive off the road, consider replacing your street tires with larger tires or all-terrain tires.

Install a Lift Kit

If you choose to install larger tires on your vehicle, you may also need to install a lift kit. Lift kits raise the body of your car further from the ground, allowing your car to accommodate larger wheel sizes. Lift kits can also help stabilize your vehicle, making for a smoother ride.

Add More Seating

Have you ever wanted to give your friends a lift in your golf car, only to remember that they can’t all squish into the two available seats? Solve this problem and make your golf car more versatile by installing a golf cart rear seat. These seats are added to the rear of the vehicle and can be converted to a hauling space when not in use by passengers.

Install Lights

If you ever want to use your golf car at night or in dimly lit areas, installing lights is a must. Lights will also be necessary to make your golf car street legal if you plan to use it on the road. They’ll also help you and others stay safe by increasing your visibility while you drive.

These easy ways to upgrade your golf cart will help you get the most out of your golf car and achieve the ultimate, personalized golf car experience. If you’re looking for any of the golf car accessories listed above, visit us at TNT Cart Parts. We can help you find the part you need.