Do You Need a Lift Kit for Your Golf Cart?

Do You Need a Lift Kit for Your Golf Cart?

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on Mar 07, 2022

You’re getting ready to hit the beach or do some off-roading this year with friends and family. But something’s weighing on your mind, and you need a verifiable answer that can solve all your concerns. As a result, do you need a lift kit for your golf cart?

Types of Gear To Have

It’s a good idea to keep your golf cart up to date, especially with the right tools. Otherwise, you risk not driving it through different terrain or on the roads. All in all, keep yourself road-ready with these supplies:

  • All-terrain tires
  • Seat belts
  • Safety bar
  • Leaf springs

If you’re considering bigger tires, you still need a lift kit. Here’s more on why you need to get a lift kit for your buggy.

Why You Need a Lift Kit

We don’t want to be the ones to tell you this, but your golf buggy is not a pickup truck, so it doesn’t have an automatic lift when going over bumpy roads.

To have that ability, you need to have a lift kit. Using a golf cart lift kit, you can move around roads you never could before, and your trolley looks better than the rest on the campground.

The Type of Kit To Buy

Now, the best kit you can buy is one that you’re happy with. It won’t matter what your arch-enemy at the campground thinks; it’s your own decision on what you pick, especially if you want the buggy to look lean and mean.

Some ideas of kits to buy include:

  • Club car
  • E-Z-Go
  • Yamaha

How To Assemble a Kit

No matter the activity, assembling a kit isn’t difficult. Now that you know you need a lift kit for your golf car, follow these steps to build your kit:

  • Take off the front axle
  • Remove pinion and rack assemblies
  • Place on a longer spring plate
  • Apply spacers to achieve a better height

You don’t want to miss out on the best accessories, so having the lift kit and everything you need will make you happy and make your golf cart look the best on and off the campground, beach, or wherever you go with your buggy.

When you shop TNT Cart Parts, you’re not only shopping for quality, but also for the items that fit you personally. Every purchase is a step toward your next best height with a new lift kit. Go from enhanced monster to the highly desired cart of your block.