Can You Convert a 2-Seat Golf Cart into One with 4 Seats?

Can You Convert a 2-Seat Golf Cart into One with 4 Seats?

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on Sep 08, 2021

Just a few years ago, it would be very odd to see a golf car being used off of a golf course. Recently, though, they have become a very popular means of transportation for short-distance drives. You can find them all over the roads in the country and suburbs, especially in subdivisions. Parents use them to take their kids for calm drives, and kids can use them to race down the street or through yards. With their growing popularity, people are looking to modify them in a lot of ways, such as adding additional seating. Keep reading to find out if you can convert a two-seat golf cart into one with four seats.

How To Prep

Take the front lean-back cushion, rear struts, and canopy that covers the golf car and set them down with all of the original hardware from the car. This is where you begin the installation of your rear seat. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should verify that all the components are in your new set before you begin. This kit includes seat bottom, seat back, and footrest cushions, as well as a strap, which the DIY consumer can use in the final installation of their new seat cushions.

How To Install

The first step is to drop the new strut brackets into place where the old ones used to be. Use the brackets included in the rear seat installation kit as your first replacement. Reinstall the original struts and put on the new strut brackets. If you’re a visual learner who needs more help understanding installation, you can find videos online with step-by-step instructions. After installing the bracket for the bag well, set up the main seat structure. You should connect the footrest brackets and footrest before the seat back brackets and armrests. Add the seat bottom cushion, lean-back cushion, and lean-back brackets. And there you go! That’s how you can convert a two-seat golf cart into one with four seats.

What To Do

Your new club cart rear seat upgrade has given you a total of four seating positions: two back-to-back seats in the rear, as well as your usual front passenger and driver seats. In addition to the passenger seat, you can also transform the car into a small truck via the seat folding out. Your addiction to customization has taken hold, and now you’re devoting your free time to decorating your golf car. And you’ve only been at it for an hour.