Best Golf Car Wheels for Off-Road Driving

Best Golf Car Wheels for Off-Road Driving

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on October 14th 2021

While considering what to buy for your golf car, you could consider the best golf car wheels for off-road driving, whether to explore nature while camping or traverse your neighborhood. No matter the reason, TNT Cart Parts offers the best choices for necessary parts, especially recommendations on the best wheel types for off-course driving.

Turf and Street Golf Car Tires

Turf and street golf car tires are the best golf car wheels for off-road driving, as they’re made to withstand any type of road they touch when in motion. If you’re only driving around the neighborhood, these wheels will be your best option, as they work perfectly on streets, yards, and other soft-turfed areas.

Knobby Off-Road Golf Car Tires

If you’re an adventurer at heart and go camping and explore nature every chance you get, then the knobby off-road golf car tires should be high on your list of tires for off-roading. When on a camp site, it’s best to stick to trails, as these tires create bumpy rides on normal roads. When you stick to trails, the tread pattern on the wheels creates better traction and grip when it comes to getting through messes like sand, mud, and rocky trails.

All-Terrain Golf Car Tires

The most versatile wheel out of all three off-roading golf car tire types is the all-terrain golf car tires. The all-terrain car tire is perfect for the driver that drives their golf car through various types of terrain. The tread design on these tires makes for a smoother ride and allows for more action while off-road. All-terrain golf car tires are recommended for light trail driving but can do well on most firm surfaces.

Support From Rims

The golf car wheel types are important, but what helps balance weight and make a golf car stable is the rim type you buy. The golf car rims that normally come with the golf car come in either tan or white, but other types come in steel and aluminum. The rims you choose will depend on the size of tire you need. Ranging from 8 to 12 inches, the size you pick can determine how much weight the golf car can support.

Purchasing a golf car is an exciting moment. When you’re figuring out the best features to add to your golf car, consider one of TNT Cart Parts’ golf cart wheel and tire package for your next off-roading excursion. As you comb through the best tire options for your golf car, keep these types in mind.