Best Accessories for Making Your Golf Cart Street Legal

Best Accessories for Making Your Golf Cart Street Legal

Posted by TNT Cart Parts on Jan 03, 2022

Golf cars are the most fun vehicles to drive around a campground or neighborhood. However, there’s one small problem: many towns and states have rules on what’s allowed on the streets and what isn’t. However, there are ways around these rules. Here’s our list of the best accessories for making your golf cart street legal.

Golf Car Light Kits

Not only can you equip your car with fun lights, but having these lights can give drivers the green light to drive on roads.

It’s imperative to ensure that your light kit includes these features:

  • Front lights
  • Rear lights
  • Horn
  • Turn signals

Golf Car Mirrors and Windshield

Another critical component is having mirrors and a windshield, which is imperative for any vehicle type you plan to drive on the streets. Golf car mirrors help you assess the areas around you, including blind spots, just as they do in an ordinary car.

When installing your mirrors, check the state or city requirements on how many mirrors need to be placed on your golf car.

Your windshield is where things get tricky. For you to be allowed to operate a golf car on the streets, the windshield must be clear and not 100 percent tinted. Otherwise, you run into problems with rain or the sun getting into your eyes.

Seat Belts

Of course, you need to have seat belts with any vehicle that you want to be street legal, especially in rear seats. Having seat belts can help prevent injuries when you get into an accident.


An essential part of a vehicle is to have a sign that shows if a car moves slow or if there’s a huge load on the back.

Additionally, buying a slow-moving vehicle sign helps meet regular roadway requirements. Keep this sign in mind when shopping for a golf cart accessory store.

As you get on the road, you’ll notice many of the other golf car drivers took precautions and got the best accessories to make their golf cart street legal. Their fixtures, like yours, help make the roadways safer and make other drivers more aware of the type of vehicle you drive.

For more ways to make your golf car even better and more striking, shop around TNT Cart Parts for all the essentials.