5 Changes That Can Void Your Golf Cart Warranty

5 Changes That Can Void Your Golf Cart Warranty

Posted by TNT Car Parts on January 24th 2022

Your golf car is your pride and joy, and you like updating it when needed and adding fun accessories. However, there are certain things you can't do, as they will void your warranty. Here are the changes that can void your golf cart warranty.

Speed Governor Modification

The tool that helps control the speed of your golf car is called a speed governor. This part of the car is easy to find, but if you make changes to improve its performance, you will void the warranty.

If you happen to have difficulties with the speed governor or anything part of the car, take it to a professional who can replace the part. That way, you don't lose your warranty.

Brake System Changes

Like the speed governor, you shouldn't touch your brake system unless you're with a professional. Although other brake systems are available, including drum and disc brakes, modifying any part of your system can lead to an automatic void.

Installing Unapproved Parts

If you enjoy upgrading your golf car or modifying it with approved parts, you don't need to worry about voiding the warranty.

However, if you find yourself in the first stages of changing a cart, ensure that you research the parts you buy. Otherwise, you may lose your warranty.

Be careful with the parts you purchase, especially online. Many features that you buy can be fake, and the best way to know is by checking the manufacturer's hologram, if there is one.

The best brands carry items such as club car body kits that improve the vehicle without drastically changing it.

Altering the Drive Unit

We all like going fast, but it's not safe to do so in your golf car. So, while you're making improvements through a specialized manufacturer, ensure that the modifications don’t shift the drive unit.

When the actual body of the car changes in any way, it can harm the drivetrain. And that means the warranty gets voided.

Shifting the Cart's Structure

We understand that making physical changes to your golf car can void the warranty, but the same is true for shifting the car's structure.

It's better not to change any parts that are considered crucial, as doing so will void the warranty. It's also best not to stretch or cut any part of the cart away when doing maintenance. Keep your car looking its best by learning these changes that can void your golf cart warranty.

As you learn about how to ensure your warranty remains valid, make sure you only choose certified parts that repair your vehicle and are sold through companies like TNT Cart Parts. Keep this list of voiding mistakes on golf cars at the forefront of your mind before you consider making changes.