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ProFormX and Pro Charging Systems have teamed up to offer a truly unique charger that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. The ProFormX 36/48 - 15 amp are an auto sensing 36v - 15 Amp and 48V - 14 Amp Portable Smart Golf Cart Charger.  ProFormX 36/48 Volt Chargers feature DeltaVolt Intuitive Charging Technology that quickly returns depleted energy to the batteries resulting in more runtime, and extends the life of the batteries. Once the ProFormX charger has fully charged the battery pack it turns off and goes into a maintenance mode.  Should the batteries discharge (parasitic load, discharge over time), the ProFormX charger automatically reactivates the charge circuit to bring the batteries back to 100% charge, in essence, the charger acts as a battery maintainer as well!

The ProFormX Chargers use a proprietary method of adjusting the charge algorithm to compensate for temperature thus improving battery charge quality and safety.

  • Compatible with Wet/AMG or Gel Batteries
  • FULLY REPAIRABLE in the field! Not a throw away like most on the market!
  • Two Year Warranty
  • UL Safety Certified - Click Here to learn what UL Safety Certified means

  •  Most overseas brands do not have this certification
  • Made in the United States of America - Just outside Music City USA!!